Have you heard the saying “When one door closes another opens”

While we have our doors firmly shut right now, it does not mean we shut off our mind.

Right now you don’t have the pressure of “places to be and people to see.”

However, with the world upside down at the moment and maybe wreaking havoc in our own world; owning a salon and doing life is anything but usual right now. 

If you are having doubts, fear, or anxiety and just not motivated, then NOW is the time to stage an intervention with yourself 🙂

Be Kind To You

As women, who have families, businesses, errands to run, and more, we often take time to do things for others and not for ourselves. It can be hard for us to receive and to fully take in what we deserve and desire.

Now you have more time……

Let’s play a fun game today if you had the ENTIRE afternoon to yourself with no obligations or things you must do, no distractions…

What would you do?

Maybe read a book, take a walk on the beach, have a bubble bath, meditate, listen to some music/dance and spend time just “being.”

Being kind to yourself is about choosing to take time for yourself for the betterment of your mind, body & soul. 

It is not about being selfish. It is about replenishing and refreshing your spirit and soul.

Write It All Down

Journaling, this is one of my favourite tools. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to do this.

Whether you do it morning or night is a great way to offload the whirring in your head and process your thoughts and feelings and regulate your emotions.  

Having a brain download and journaling about it in the morning allows you to gain perspective of where you are at and how you are feeling.  

Downloading your thoughts in the evening gets some of the day’s tensions and worry out on paper so it’s less likely to keep you awake at night.  

Writing your feelings down can be very freeing.

Your Big Three

If you start to feel your productivity lacking, look at how you schedule your day. 

Your workday requires structure and organisation, whether you’re working on the floor, team training or from your home office. 

You might be inclined to time block your hours, setting aside two hours for marketing, followed up by an hour with the family, followed by an hour or work maybe clearing your inbox, social media posts.

Time blocking can be a fantastic strategy, however, before you start assigning hours in a time-based structure, identify your Big Three. 

The Big Three is a concept widely used by many high-performance coaches, entrepreneurs and successful business owners.  

Using the BIG THREE is going to ensure your hours are filled with the biggest needle movers for the business for that day.

Your Big Three are the tasks that, when you cross them off your list, will have a direct impact on your profits and overall growth.

Makes sense right?

Mantras Or Affirmations

Mantras or affirmations have been one of my FAVORITE ways to get my subconscious mind to soak in truths through constant repetition.

Another important thing to understand about mantra’s and affirmations is that the subconscious mind (the part of your brain responsible for the reality you see before you) doesn’t know the difference between what’s actually real and what’s fake.

The subconscious mind can be easily tricked this way through your feelings. For example, It doesn’t know if you’re actually a millionaire but feeling like one is the fastest way to become one.

The Universe will begin to respond to the vibrational frequency of your subconscious mind, not what is already part of your reality. If you truly feel like a millionaire, the Universe will guide you into becoming one.

Coincidences will occur. Business ideas will flood into your mind. The perfect team members will appear.

All of a sudden you “coincidentally” come across an ad or article or meet a person.

The Universe conspires to make whatever you are affirming to yourself on a daily basis come alive into your reality. Make sense? Right?

Paying attention to these things will not only help get your through this period of self-isolation however will actually have your thriving during it and then the benefits will last long after the lockdown period is over.

Stay Safe.

Be you, be beautiful and follow your heart.

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