Today I am sharing the top 10 questions I get asked. Grab a cuppa, pen and a notepad, and get comfy.

There is something here for everyone.

Let’s start off with a couple of the easier questions I get asked.

How do I increase my rebooking rates?

This is a very common question and is also fundamental to having a successful salon. Be sure to watch this video where I share a winning rebooking strategy and if implemented correctly is a sure-fire way to increase your rebooking rates! >>  

I have also included a rebooking cheatsheet for you to download for free!    How do I get my staff to achieve their targets consistently?

When it comes to team management and team success sometimes the question we need to ask is…..

“What can I do to become a better leader?“.

Sometimes the change starts with the salon owner. When you are a more effective leader then your chances of having a more productive team and a successful salon increase dramatically. Becoming an inspiring, motivating and effective leader takes work and requires a specific skill set, however, it is one of the BEST investments you can make in yourself, your team, and your salon. How do I find the time as a salon owner to manage the salon, manage my team, be active on Social Media, be a parent, partner, son, daughter, etc to create my successful salon?

The short answer is you don’t. You have to learn to delegate and outsource.

Learn to ask the question ….” can someone else do this task?”What can I do when my day is quiet?

Ask yourself why is it quiet! What could I be doing to ensure this does not happen again. Is my marketing consistent? Have I implemented a Lapsed Client marketing strategy? Can I get on the phone and ring clients? Can I send a text out with an AMAZING offer to a certain segment of my database? If you want your calendar to be consistent then you have to ensure you are being consistent.

Check out this post for ideas>>


Why is my marketing not working?

Without exactly knowing what your marketing initiatives are I am unable to give you a definitive answer, however, in this video, I share 3 reasons why your marketing may not be working which you may find helpful >>

What can I do when I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

This can be tricky. If you’re completely overwhelmed or feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere, walk away and take a break. Breathe, meditate, go for a walk, read anything that will give you some brain space. It’ll help you clear space so you can come back for a second look feeling refreshed and inspired! We also have a fantastic post where I share my top 5 mantras. PLUS we also have a great resource that you can download to help you create more abundance >>

How do I create a marketing calendar?

I love this question and believe me it’s not as hard as you may think in fact it can be quite simple!! We have a great video to get you started >>

What’s my biggest tip for Salon owners

I love this question however it is never the answer salon owners expect. My biggest tip is to create a successful mindset. Work on your personal development. If you are growing your mindset your salon has no choice but to grow to. At the end of the day, you don’t know what you don’t know so read the books, hire the coaches or mentors (that have been where you want to go, do your research), join the group programs, go on the retreats.

Investing in yourself is the best gift you can give yourself, your salon and your team.

My team members seem to do what they please. I don’t know how to gain control back?

This is super common and can be super frustrating as a salon owner. You want your team to like you however you don’t want to rock the boat because you don’t want them to leave. HOWEVER,  the question you want to ask yourself is >> Is this really the business model you want for your salon?  

Although it may be challenging to start with, introducing policies and procedures will be beneficial to you and your salon in the long run.

We have a great video that talks about this you can watch it here >>

Plus we have done for you policies and procedures inside Successful Salons Club you can access for $7 >>

How do I create a team that is inspired and motivated?

This is such a great question and there are so many components that go into this. However, let’s keep this simple. We have a post on this where I share 7 tips on how to improve your leadership skills. Plus you also want to ensure you are hiring the right team members right from the start.

Here is a great video when wanting to hire a new team member >>


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