Build the Hype!

Whenever you are putting together a marketing campaign it’s not just as simple as printing a few flyers or emailing a handful of clients and all of a sudden being bombarded with calls from them wanting to buy what you are advertising! Sure that would be amazing however with the ever-increasing competition out there, all vying for your client’s attention, you have to stand above.

You have to think smart about how you are going to get your clients so excited and worked up about a package, product or service you offer or are about to release, that they are already pre-disposed to buying it from you when it finally does go on offer. 

You have to build the hype in advance.

Last week I walked past a local jewellery store and noticed a long queue of customers eagerly waiting outside. There was a rope fence separating them from the entrance and a red velvet curtain blocking customers from seeing inside the store. The customers were standing on tippy toes trying to see what was going on inside…they were REALLY excited!

The blackboard outside the store said…

‘TODAY ONLY – Make Me An offer on All Jewellery in Store’

They had created a buzz of excitement,  mystery with their customers and passers-by, and put a time limit on it to add to that – TODAY ONLY! 

People are naturally inquisitive and if they see people flocking like sheep then they don’t want to feel left out…they want to be in the know too!

As salon owners, we need to be creating this type of hype with your prospective and current clients, planning and executing your marketing with thought and not just being impulsive or reactionary.

That’s how so many salons waste money – as they say ‘you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

And planning is exactly what Tracey did …..

“I just wanted to let you know that our voucher sales went crazy. We had people waiting outside when we arrived that morning and we have sold over $8500 worth 😱 so between the VIP night and the voucher sales we have earned enough and a little extra to cover the loss of being closed a week over Christmas.”

Planning is exactly what Peta did too….

“I just wanted to put this in here girls….we had our 2 for 1 voucher today and hit $4000!!!”

When creating a marketing campaign I cannot stress enough the importance of building hype, especially when doing a promotion such as this or any promotion.

It is super important you plan out your marketing campaign step-by-step. (If you require guidance on this we have a great collection called Become A Marketing Pro you can access here >> 

The sequence of emails, FB posts, IG posts, text messages, images for websites, etc creates a buzz.

I really encourage you to map out a plan for each marketing campaign (you can use our templates inside the Become A Marketing Pro Collection) in order to create a successful campaign you want to set you and your team up to WIN.

So next time you are planning any marketing campaign, think about how you are going to deliver that campaign to your target audience to get the best results.

If you want to know the secrets to put together a successful marketing campaign then come and join us in the Successful Salons Club.

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