Salon Owners always ask me for marketing advice. With technology constantly growing, changing, evolving, it feels impossible to keep up with it all, however, there are three fundamentals when it comes to marketing your salon.

If you ever feel like your speaking into the void and hoping someone bites back, this post is for you! A lot of the reasons why your salon’s marketing maybe not working can be changed, it just means we need to really be thoughtful, mindful about how we are putting ourselves and our salon out there and how that can attract clients (the right ones) to us and our area of genius!


Аsk уоursеlf thеsе quеstіоns:


Effective marketing is about getting the right message to the right market at the right moment – so make sure you keep all of these different aspects in mind when you run a promotion. There’s no sense in marketing waxing and spray tans mid-winter, for example.

Look at it this way, your salon is about people and money and the art of persuading one to part from the other.

Marketing is all about finding the right people to persuade. Your marketing will only be successful when you market within the context of people’s perception.

They MUST see value. Your clients don’t just “buy” services/products. They “buy” the concept of what the service/ product will do for them.

If you believe you are in the business of cutting hair, waxing, nails, etc., YOU ARE WRONG, you are in the business of making people feel good.


It is far more profitable and effective to create value add offers than it is to discount.

Some salons got into discounting thinking that would woo the client.

Discounting costs you cash and also keeps your clients focussed on price whereas the value add model keeps the focus on value and service.

Let’s break it down – it is cheaper to give away $20 in service than to give away $20 in cash.

Another major benefit is you’ll be getting the majority of your clients to spend more than they normally would so you increase the average client spend. You’re re-educating your clients and their mindset. – It’s all about high perceived value but low cost to you.

Think smart with the logistics when you’re creating different packages. Use services that combine the time wisely.

The last point is this. There is a price point sensitivity of $99 when marketing to new clients. However, you definitely have to be mindful if your current average client spend is $59 then going to $99 may be a big leap try smaller increments ie $69. If you’re marketing to existing clients you can shift the $99 price point because you already have a relationship with them, you have established trust.


A salon consultation is one of the most important elements when meeting a new client also when seeing a regular client.

A great consultation will set the tone for the client’s experience. Make it a great one!

Every client that has an appointment with you is an opportunity for you to increase your salons turnover.

How about making a commitment to yourself to make sure that every client that visits your salon has an amazing experience and part of that experience is an AMAZING consultation.

What does your client experience look like?

Have you and your team discussed how you can give the ultimate client experience?

Is this client experience outlined in a policy and procedure this will create consistency across your salon.