Unleash your inner queen and FAST TRACK your way to AWESOME SUCCESS

No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join me and let’s make this your year.

Discover What It Takes to Develop the Traits, Drive, and Stand Above The Noise And Be The Queen You Are Meant To Be.

Thinking about starting your own salon, or just starting out maybe you have been in business for a while however not quite sure how to progress yourself and salon further … this is for you!!

You’ve always dreamed of having more freedom in your salon

You’ve spent years working on your business plan and looking at everything you need or maybe you don’t have a business plan

So, why haven’t you taken that first step to create the freedom and be the Queen you desire?

You may be so caught up on all the day-to-day aspects of being a salon owner, making excuse after excuse for not achieving your goals your unsure how to make your dream your life a reality.  

Maybe you’ve already set your salon up but fear, overwhelm and confusion has you totally stuck and feeling like you can’t make any real substantial progress.


So, how do you overcome the excuses so that you can become the QUEEN you have always meant to be? 

You develop an unshakeable belief in yourself. 

BELIEF that you can conquer anything as long as you stick with it. It is the DETERMINATION you have to win, no matter what.

It is not giving up or giving in, even when faced with insurmountable odds.

Every Queen has this. It is not something that they were born with, but rather something that they worked hard to develop and continue to maintain along the way. 

Every QUEEN has an intimate relationship with her finances.

A QUEEN learns how to rebuild her Relationship With Money, and Unlock Financial Abundance For Life.

Every Queen knows the amount of money you earn and hold onto is just a reflection of your belief system around money and what you’re an energetic match to.

What if you could develop grit? 

Would you stop making excuses and finally start on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

If your answer is yes, keep reading.

I’ve created a new guide to show you how to develop your grit, drive, and hustle so you can become a successful entrepreneur. 

Let me introduce you to…



New Mindset, New Results

We all know success, winning and general awesomeness comes from our super healthy and positive mindset – but most of us have so many hang-ups, worries, limiting beliefs and BS swamping our mind that it holds us back from reaching our true potential. Well … no more! This module will help you to really craft out an amazing mindset to reach your goals and live your best life being the queen you are meant to be!

Becoming A Financial Queen

Wealth means more than just having money in the bank … yet so many of us tend to forget that. YOU have a dream to grow your salon, earn the money you deserve, create your ideal lifestyle and have the freedom you desire. This module provides everything you need to transform your money mindset, so you can dramatically increase your income and finally be the Queen you desire.

Lead Like A Queen

Whether you are just starting out coaching your team or you have been coaching your team for a number of years, knowing the basics about coaching and coaching skills will help you gain a better understanding of what goes into working with other people one-on- one and facilitating the process in order to receive a positive outcome for both parties.

Drive, Grit and Hustle Like A Queen

Discover how to have the drive, grit and hustle like a queen to become a successful salon owner who has it all.

Manifesting Miracles Like A Queen

This module has everything you will need to create an amazing profitable year in your salon with ease. No more burning out, no more overwhelm. Discover the foolproof principles and strategies that will enable you to finally manifest your greatest desires In 365 days

Hi there! Future Queen,

Pintrest Toni

I’m Toni Cunningham, I am SO thrilled to be your Queen Of F##cking Everything mentor over the next 5 months.

It is my mission that over the next 5 months of the program, you will become a brand new woman. A Queen!

To tell you the truth, I haven’t always been this confident in fact at some stages of my life it’s been quite the opposite.

The difference between my days of low self esteem and lack of confidence and today is this:

“What someone else thinks of me is none of my business”!

I stand above the noise and live my life.

I know who I am. I know what I do.


Unleash your inner queen and FAST TRACK your way to AWESOME SUCCESS

No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join me and let’s make this your year.

I have been fortunate to have Toni Cunningham as a coach and mentor. Her ability to coach me to my fullest potential was staggering. I really had no idea of what that potential was until I started to see my results. Her own professionalism and drive was something that inspired and motivated me. Toni made great inroads into what may be holding me back, my fears, my dreams were all acknowledged and delt with accordingly. Toni never told me what to think or how to think, she taught me to be able to get in touch with my feelings and needs, and so gave me the tools to be able to succeed. Since being coached by Toni I am now reaching my full potential and I look forward every day to challenging myself and my business to do more and better, and I am loving what I do!
- Raweyn
When I first started I was struggling to make ends meet at the Salon, robbing Peter to pay Paul and trying so hard to train & motivate my team yet achieving nothing. I had exhausted my skill set and needed guidance. Toni has helped me achieve a 25% increase in productivity simply by implementing the KPI and Team meeting modules in my salon. She has also helped immensely with my personal and professional development and ability to coach my team. I have found Toni to be incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I have hit a few walls during our mentoring program and what I love most is Toni doesn’t just give me the answers, she helps me figure it out for myself. Toni has also introduced me to a whole new way of thinking, opened my mind to a world of opportunity. I still have work to do, and so much more to learn. But with Toni’s help my dreams are quickly becoming my reality. “
In the one month that I have spent with Toni so far, I have found Toni to be a gifted listener. She is uplifting, positive & easy to get along with. Every time I finish a session with Toni it feels like a weight has been lifted from my mind and heart. She gets it. She has been helping me see grander possibilities & I cannot wait to witness the change in our business. The Members Club Online modules are of great help as well. I feel very lucky to have found Toni’s guidance.
- Shama



In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How your brain works and how this impacts on their experiences and their capabilities
  • How you can take control over the workings of your brain in order to alter your emotional state and more
  • How controlling your own mind can help you get into the best shape of your life
  • How to be happier and more content
  • How to positively persaude others by understanding the workings of their mind
  • How to increase their confidence and use the ‘law of attraction’ to get whatever they want in life.
  • How to overcome fears and other obstacles
  • How to increase energy levels and never have a lazy evening again
  • How to accomplish incredible focus and tap into ‘flow states’
  • How to be engaging, charismatic and attractive
  • And much more…
  • Defining Wealth
  • Getting Crystal Clear on Your Long Term Money Plan
  • How to Pass This Perspective Along to the Next Generation
  • Identifying Your Priorities and What Is Important
  • The Importance of Appreciating What You Have
  • Techniques for Appreciating What You Have
  • Does Money Buy Happiness, and How Much Is Enough?
  • Addressing Problems within Your Control, and Letting Go of What Isn’t
  • Wealth Means Giving to Others in Your Abundance
  • Pursue Your Passions First
  • Things That Kill Our Appreciation for Non-Material Wealth
  • The Path to Pursuing Inner Peace
  • Finding True Wealth
  • Developing a financial abundance mindset
  • Mindset – What you think and believe, how you respond to challenges.
  • Habits – Small things you do on a regular basis, or ways you approach tasks.
  • Goals – Knowing what you desire and what you’re working towards.     
  • Activities -Focusing your tasks around your goals, needs and strengths.
  • Calendar – How you block out your time, prioritizing yourself and your biz.
  • Coaching – Learn the basics of coaching 
  • Facilitation – Gain the skills required when working with other people one-on- one and facilitating the process in order to receive a positive outcome for both parties.
  • Understanding the Successful Salon Owners Queen Mindset
  • Characteristics Of An Successful Queen
  • What is Grit?
  • Why You Need to Develop Grit to Become Successful
  • Habits of a Queen
  • How To Find Your Passion
  • Face Your Fears
  • Build Your Perseverance
  • Become More Resilient and Boost Your Stubbornness
  • Boost Your Confidence, Optimism, and Creativity

Discover The Foolproof Principles And Strategies That Will Enable You To Finally Manifest Your Greatest Desires In 365 Days


5 Live 90 Minute Workshop Sessions ($1625)

5 Transformational Workbooks, Checklists, Resources & Homework ($1,997)

Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group ($997)

5 Transformative Training Modules ($2,997)

5 Live 90 Minute Breakthrough Sessions ($1625)

One of my goals was to get a puppy in January. I didn't think I would be looking for one and paying a deposit until the middle of December. It's not even December and I have all the money saved I needed and some more. I’m so in love with her and all my hard work has paid off. Thanks Toni Cunningham for everything the past 6 months and for helping make my dream of getting Indy a reality.
Winner Beauty Services & Winner Business of the Year!!! Thank you Toni Cunningham for all of your support and amazing mentoring! Love you longtime xxx
"Toni has been amazing to work with! I love that she is realistic, relatable and very easy to get along with. Having someone to bounce ideas off and be accountable to has seen my business go from strength to strength. We have put clear plans of action into place to achieve goals set and take my business from already being great to even greater! Toni has also worked along side my manager to grow her into more of a leadership role within the business. This has helped immensely with taking away a lot of the day to day stresses when running a small business. While we are still working to achieve even greater results and push ourselves that bit further, I have no hesitations in recommending Toni's services. Everyone needs a great coach in their lives."

If you made it this far down this page, it’s probably because you’re considering enrolling into the Queen Of F##king Everything Mastermind.

You might be asking yourself how things will be different this time… worried you might invest in “another one of those programs” and not see results.

I know we don’t know each other yet, but I can promise you this: There is nothing I leave out of the Queen Of F##king Everything Mastermind when it comes to absolutely transforming your reality as you know it.

This isn’t one of those courses where I’m going to offer you an upsell to the “next level” or leave out some “expert secrets” that you’re not ready for, and can find in the “graduate program.”

I’m laying it all out for you. I’m making it easy on you. Queen Of F##king Everything is where your long journey of seeing very little bang for your buck ends.

I know it’s a big commitment, and you might be feeling a little scared right now…

But let me ask you this: If fear hasn’t yet given you the results that you are looking for… why not try something new?

Why not play a game?

Why not play a game that for the next 30 days, you will proceed as if you transformation into the Queen you are is inevitable? That the entire Universe is conspiring in your favor? That your intuition, your soul, your inner guidance led you to this course for a reason… and that it never leads you astray?

If you’re afraid of trying something new… you may never experience the success you deserve and never truly be the Queen that the universe intended you to be.

It’s a harsh truth, but it’s true.

Only when you take a risk… bet on yourself.. try something new… does the Universe show up for you in a really big way.

I’ll be here to guide you. I’ll be here to deliver the best freaking Queen on F##king Everything mastermind you’ve ever experienced in your entire life.

But you must show up for me too, and push that SIGN UP button to see the effects.

Come witness what happens when you decide to fully GO FOR IT and take action for what may seem to be… the very first time in your life.


Queen Of F##king Everything Starts On 3rd February 2020

Did I mention this full 5 month program is the ultimate program for the salon owner wanting to become an unaplogetic queen. It’s definitely a point worth repeating.


Time to kick off the new decade like a QUEEN!

 We all start somewhere, and you have the same choice to say YES to yourself and claim the high-level experience you deserve. If you’re ready to play a bigger game in 2020, if you see yourself lit up and empowered from being in this spirtual, lifestyle and businesss program to create your next level. Queen!


"What can I expect from Queen Of F##king Everything?"

You can expect to have your world rocked when it comes to your outlook on being the best version of you. You can expect to receive a wealth of knowledge and exact action steps to take that are curated and customised to what is most effective and efficient for you to apply. You can expect to receive an extremely safe space to be vulnerable about your current situation and create a plan to manifest more abundance than you could ever dream of. You will have a support network of other Queens who not only WANT you to succeed, but help you and support you.

Can you guarantee results?

This is like asking if I can guarantee you’ll do the work. I’m not here to hold your hand and remind you why you signed up for the course on a daily basis. I’m here to guide you, lead you, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone because you DESERVE a better life. I’ll do it with tough love if I have to because I want you to get the results you so deeply desire.

You deserve to live in a state of abundance and enjoy all the beauty and luxury that this planet has to offer you. I obviously cannot and will not guarantee results because so many factors are up to you. 

What I will guarantee, is that you will get out this, what you put into it.

What if I don't like the course? Do you offer any refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, there are typically no refunds available. However, if you find that after accessing Module One that you do not like the course or don’t feel like it’s a great fit for you, we offer a full refund ONLY until February 17th by 11:59pm NZST time. Keep in mind that by requesting a refund, we REQUIRE that you send us an email to with your COMPLETED Module One homework for proof that you at least committed to making the course work for you. We reserve the right to refuse your refund if you do not show us that you accessed and completed Module One. Under no circumstances are refunds offered after the cut-off date. After that date, you are responsible for making all of your payments in full. 

What if I have more questions about the course? How can I contact you?

Feel free to shoot my team and I an email to! They’ll be more than happy to make sure that Queen Of F##king Everything program is the right fit for you.

How long do I have access to the modules for?

The course comes with lifetime access.

I'm super busy. What if I don't have time to go through the program right now?

No worries! We all get busy from time to time. This is why each module and call is recorded so that no matter what your schedule looks like, you can learn on your own time. This course can either be experienced in a live setting or self-paced. Even if you don’t start the course until the round is over, that’s completely fine. However you will gain the most benefit by showing up and partcipating in the calls.


Someone who’s excited for change and ready to do whatever it takes

Eager to learn and apply new knowledge

Not afraid to admit that you want MORE out of life

Ready to drop your bullshit story about why you CAN’T… and rediscover why you CAN

Understand tough love and thrive with a mentor who can push you over the edge of transformation

Committed to completing every single assignment you’re given

Someone who sees this course as an INVESTMENT in your future


Someone who has an “I already know that” mindset

Stuck in story mode about why you CAN’T be successful

Unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your reality

Looking for a quick fix to your problems

Someone who sees this course as an “expense”

Looking for someone to do the work for you

Looking for therapy, rather than coaching


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