Today I’m sharing my favourite apps that I believe make my life easier! Plus they might just make your life easier.

 Curious about what my go-to’s are when it comes to my trusty iPhone and maybe some of the tools I’m using each day could help simplify your life!

Let’s break it down on what apps I can’t live without, ya ready?


I love this app! It allows me to be thoughtful and intentional with my Instagram Plan. Basically, you can create a little “library” of images, type in captions, make lists of hashtags and have them all live in a central spot.

It’s been awesome because when I sit down and plan out an entire week of posts, I’m spending way less time trying to get past writer’s block or wondering what I should post next.

It helps me to see the big picture on Instagram and allows me to be intentional, strategic, and have fun with it all without the pressure of posting in real-time. The app also contains awesome analytics to let you know when to post, what hashtags are moving the needle the most, and what your top recent posts have been.

APP #2: Podcasts (or Google Podcasts for Android Users)

It’s no secret I’m a major lover of podcasts of all kinds — heck, listening to them is inspiring me to want to start my own! From true crimes, inspiration to business insight and advice, marketing strategy, there’s something for everyone in the podcast app.

APP #3:  SLACK: 

Slack is my new discovery. It’s basically an app that serves as almost a chat box or a forum that you can use with your team or with a community. I use Slack to communicate to my team every day and it’s where you can send messages, see who’s online, tag people and send links, files, and photos.

We use this daily, it helps promote work-life/balance among my team while also giving us one place to chat without bogging down inboxes. I live for slack and love having it on my phone (though I keep notifications turned off) and think it’s an incredible tool, even if you have one person on your team – because the last thing we need is more emails or Facebook notifications!

APP #4: Asana

  This app is essentially a project management site. When there’s more than one set of hands in the mix of a project, often a project management site to keep everyone organised, assign tasks and keep a pulse on where you’re at with your deadline can be a huge benefit.

If you’re nervous about what’s getting done in your business, setting up a site like this so that you can monitor progress (without having to bother your team) can give you the peace of mind you need to let go of some of the work.

Well, there you have it! Those magical squares on my phone and my fav apps that I personally use to keep my business running without a hitch. I’m a big “work smarter, not harder” believer, and these apps help me pour into that notion with utter convenience and ease.

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