Hello and welcome to another Masterclass. 

In this masterclass, I am joined by this month’s Featured Expert  Pinterest Queen Helen Munshi.

Helen is the founder of The Start-Up Studio.


Helen is a business and content strategist expert and total business geek with over a decade of experience. Captivating content that she markets through Pinterest has been THE biggest reason why she’s been able to build multiple successful businesses, create freedom giving income and ditch her 9-5 over 5 years ago. 

…..Even with no following and a non-existent list

…..Even though she was so scared of being visible she deleted all her friends off her Facebook in case they saw her posts (true story!!)

She loves helping entrepreneurs to build a business that (actually) work. She focuses on attracting leads, connecting meaningfully and making consistent income whilst still having fun.

In this masterclass, we dive into exactly what Pinterest is and why Pinterest should be part of your marketing strategy.

Honestly, you want to grab a pen, notebook and a cuppa and start taking notes.

If you are not using Pinterest then you are doing your business and your potential clients a disservice.

So much goodness in this masterclass.

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