Just imagine…

You, me + a group of amazing female salon owners hanging out for 5 days in a private luxury villa in beautiful Bali!


  • A renewed sense of inspiration?
  • A renewed sense of motivation?
  • A community like non other?
  • Travel?
  • A complete mindset overhaul?
  • Massive uplevelling?
  • Support in helping you create MASSIVE success?
  • Only having online connections?
  • Feeling isolated?
  • Not knowing exactly what steps to take?
  • Holding yourself back?
  • Lack of supportive friendships?
  • Staying where you are and not seeing momentum?
  • Letting your fears be in the drivers seat?


I’m so excited for you to join me for our exclusive Inspired Vacay // Bali Retreat in Bali Indonesia.

We’re going to have the most amazing & transformational five days together. We’ll be taking a step back from our businesses, reconnecting with our vision, having inspired conversations, building meaningful relationships, working ON our businesses and most importantly… having fun. (It is a vacation, after all!)

So if your sitting there thinking “Yes Toni, this is just what I’m looking for… I need to reconnect with myself, my business and do all that with some incredible women, in Bali” then what are you waiting for… come and join us!

We’re going to switch off our phones, close our laptops and really take some well deserved time to get re-focused and re-energised on our businesses and on our mindset. You’re going to leave Bali feeling like you can take on the world… and I can’t wait for you to feel that way!

Get ready for some amazing sessions in the day, delicious dinners & drinks together in the evening, whilst connecting and getting inspired together throughout. Picture yourself sitting by the beautiful pool with your favourite drink in hand, surrounded by the loveliest, like-minded salon owners you’ve ever met! You’ll be connecting with other amazing SSC members in real life, rather than just online.

Most importantly, you’ll be giving yourself the space to elevate your thinkingget inspired and let those incredible ideas and thoughts flow freely. We’ll be dreaming, planning, journaling, learning, connecting with ourselves and each other, while having so much fun.

The biggest AHA moments happen when you give yourself the space to let go…



Monday 17th August - Saturday 22nd August


ALL INCLUSIVE stay in a private 10,000 squarefoot villa in the heart of Bali

Private chef to cook all of your meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks included)​

Massages for the ultimate relaxation experience 

ALL excursions included like an all day visit to Ubud, the Monkey Forest, a luxury beach club (with the most beautiful colored water you wouldn’t believe), Uluwatu Temple, beautiful cliffs, and so much more

Transformative daily group coaching, including, planning, developing a successful mindset, stratgies, systems, uplevelling, stretching the mind and journaling sessions

Private yoga instructor for the ultimate soul workout experience held daily at the villa every single morning ​

Focused private 1:1 coaching sessions (ONLY for those who choose pay-in-full option)​

Powerful manifesting rituals to raise your vibration and unlock your manifesting powers​

FULL ACCESS to TONI CUNNINGHAM business and mindset strategies & techniques for 5 full days​



We want to create the most inspiring and relaxing retreat experience for you, so that’s what we’ve done. There will be moments that are intense as we are reaching new levels. However this will certainly be balanced out with loads of fun and laughter. No need to be awake at the crack of dawn. Plus NO going to bed feeling exhausted by the end of each day because it was so jam-packed full of business strategies, you will be drifting off feeling energised, relaxed and excited about the future. It will be a fun productive out of the box few days, with inspired conversations around our businesses, meaningful one-on-one connections and with time for reconnecting with yourself and your business. So now I’ve painted the picture of what you can expect, does this excite you? You’re going to leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and fired up.



Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What can I expect from this retreat?

You can expect to walk into one of the most incredible adventures of your life. The retreat is an all inclusive experience that you will share amongst 14 other women who are ready to go to that next level in their business and life. You can expect to make new friendships, uncover new insights about yourself that you’ve never accessed before, adopt a new positive mindset, and learn skills, strategies, and tips to take home with you for life. Toni not only wants this to be the most fun you’ve ever had, but she also wants you to come and learn how to create the salon and life of your dreams. As a master  mentor, manifesting queen, and creator of Successful Salons, Toni will be sure to equip you with tools that you will be able to apply to any part of your life long after the retreat is over.

How long is the retreat and when exactly is it?

Attendees will arrive to the Villa (complimentary airport transfer) on the 17th of August, 2020 before 6pm. The retreat will go on for 5 nights, and attendees will leave the Villa on the 22nd of August, 2020 before 12pm.

Is airfare included?

Attendees are expected to arrange their own airfaire. However, that is the ONLY component of the retreat that attendee is responsible for once spot is claimed (*aside from souvenirs, meals outside of what’s provided, and extra activites done during free-time.)

What is the sleeping arrangement at the retreat? Will I have to share a room?

Yes, rooms will be shared, but that’s how the best friendships are formed! There are 8 king beds and 8 single beds. Please don’t attend the retreat if you are uncomfortable getting close with other high vibe humans. 

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the nature of this event, all sales are final. Please double (triple) check that you are able to attend the retreat before purchasing your spot in the Villa to avoid any issues. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You will see the payment plan offer on the bottom of the page with the other enrollment links. Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for the payment plan, first payment must go through before June 17 2020. Other payment options can be discussed with the Successful Salons Team.

Is there a benefit to paying in full?

Yes! Everyone who pays in full up front will receive one 1:1 private coaching session with Toni Cunningham while in Bali. 

How many spots are there for the retreat?

14 spots. Once the 14 are filled, no more spots will be sold.

Will we have free time during the retreat?

Yes! There is free time for relaxation, adventuring, visiting the spa, shopping, etc every evening after lunch and before dinner on the days we do not have a group outing scheduled. This is the perfect time to strengthen the bonds you have built while in Bali or have some alone time.

What if I have additional questions or need help in planning the trip?

The Successful salons team is here to help! Simply shoot us an email to with the subject “Bali Retreat 2020” and we will be able to help you in any way we can.

By the end, you’re going to feel like anything is possible.

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