Have you ever looked at other salons and thought……

 Why didn’t I think of that promotion

Wow that looks awesome there salon is way better than mine

I wish I could charge those prices or maybe their prices are too high

Now have you ever looked at another salon owner and thought……

He/She always looks so happy

He/She drives a nice car

He/She looks like she has everything together

I am sure we have all been there!

“No more comparing your chapter 1 do someones else’s chapter 20.” Tweet That

So the first thing to do is to just keep taking one step forward and sometimes it might just be a tiny step forward however it is a step towards your dreams so keep going.

Keep your focus and energy on your vision and your dreams, be proud of what you have accomplished already and remember this is a journey and it will evolve. No more comparing your chapter 1 do someones else’s chapter 20.


You can do this!

Remember to focus on your journey where you are going and being the best you can be with what you have today. Be proud and remember if some else is out there doing and living the lifestyle that you would like then you can do it too.

And just know that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.


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