What exactly is marketing and why is it important?

“Marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential clients.
Marketing is determining the needs and wants of your clients, and being able to deliver services and products that satisfy those needs and wants.
A good marketing plan will keep you focused and your energy and resources on task
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The first thing you want to do on your marketing calendar is to go through and put in all the traditional marketing events/dates in the calendar – Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentines, Ball Season, and Melbourne Cup, Easter and don’t forget to pop in your salon’s birthday.

Now you have all the major events covered in your calendar, now let’s look at doing a new client drive – have you done a new client drive in the past, if so what months and did those months work or is it worth trying a different month(s).

Think about how many times a year you would like to do a new client drive.

If you are a fairly new salon and are in the growth phase of business you may like to do one every quarter for a more established salon this maybe twice a year.

Now pop your new client drive into your calendar.

Now the other marketing events you may like to consider is that change of season so there are 4 seasons in the year – this is a great time to do a change of season promotion for hair salons going in to summer you may like to do a foils promotion and for Beauty clinics you may like to do a  “rejuvenate your winter skin” facial promotion.

Have you thought about doing a newsletter if so how often is this going to go out. Now you can pop this into your marketing calendar.

Also, you can pop into your calendar – any social media only promotions maybe you can run a competition or you may want to grow your facebook page so you get to pop this into your calendar.

Are you going to run a promotion for your regular clients and reward them for being loyal clients – you can pop this into your calendar.

Any VIP nights you may like to have, I know many salons do this in late November early December you can pop this into your calendar now.

If you are a salon that has hair and beauty or hair beauty nails this gives you the opportunity to do a conversion promotion so you can start converting clients that currently only get hair services over to beauty and vice versa.

Now we have the beauty of texting and emailing our clients a promotion – so you can look back through your calendar and you can see what months were softer than other – so this would indicate a promotion is required now this does not have to be a promotion that goes out to everyone on your database and I strongly recommend you don’t send promotions to everyone on your database.

 I also recommend popping any team incentives into your marketing calendar – now you don’t have to do a team incentive or a promotion every month. I am just showing you how you can create a 12-month marketing calendar.

Or maybe you are wanting to provide a new service. You would then put this into your marketing calendar. If you are involved in networking with other business you may want to enter into a Joint Venture and put this in your marketing calendar.

Once you have your marketing calendar, set a time to share it with your team at your next team meeting.

So there you have it.  How to create a 12-month marketing calendar with total ease.



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