As a salon owner, you’re probably well aware that a website, social media presence, and awesome product or service are essential to success. However, have you taken a good look at your communication with your clients? You might be missing a vital component: the call-to-action.

So, what is a call-to-action?

In business marketing, a call-to-action is something that provokes your audience to act. It’s basically instructions on what to do next. Some simple examples include; “call now”, “download the free guide”, or “visit us at the fair”.

Why is it important?

Without a call-to-action, your readers (potential clients) are just getting information from your page, however, are not motivated to act in any way. They’ll click through to the next best thing. Even if they are motivated clients, they might get frustrated if they can’t figure out what to do next, and you’ll lose business.

What does a call-to-action look like?

This will look different for each specific salon and salon owner, however, there are some basic examples that you can use to craft your perfect call-to-action. The way to write a really great call-to-action is to focus on what the client will receive instead of what they need to do. Here are some examples that are good, but made better by shifting the focus to what the client gets from acting.


“Call our Salon to book an appointment today.”

“Download our free guide to healthier hair in 30 days.”

“Share a picture of your favorite hair transformation.”


“Call our salon to book an appointment and get the perfect fall hair color.”

“Download our free guide to get healthier hair in 30 days.”

“Share a picture of your favorite hair transformation to enter to win our gift certificate raffle.”

How can I write my own call-to-action?

You can create your own call-to-action even if you’re not a professional writer. All you need to do is understand who your ideal clients are and what they want from you. Sit down and brainstorm what seasons are coming up, what specific beauty/hair needs your clients have, what you’ve heard them request from you, and practice writing out specific call-to-action for each topic.

You don’t have to keep the same call-to-action forever (in fact, it’s good to change it up), so feel free to experiment with new ideas. You never know what’s going to work wonders for your business.

You can write your own call-to-action by following our easy step-by-step process. Click the link to download our free guide so you can craft the perfect call-to-action and convert more browsers to buyers. (See what we did there?!)


Toni xx

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