Hello and welcome to another Masterclass.  In this masterclass, I am joined by the lovely Sarah Sienkiewicz. Sarah is the founder of Healing Business. 

In this masterclass, we dive into exactly what is the Law Of Attraction, how salon owners can use the Law Of Attraction in their business on a daily basis PLUS Sarah shares some wonderful tips to avoid making mistakes that keep you stuck.

The law of attraction is an extremely powerful tool that seems to frustrate so many people simply because it is so frequently misunderstood.

It is all about aligning your mindset with your goals so that you can attract more of what you want into your life.

Doing these things CAN literally transform lives. We might think business is all about being good at marketing, however, this is only part of the equation to building a successful salon.

It’s about turning the ideas in our heads into reality – there’s magic in that and there’s magic within us to create the reality we want. The more we tap into it, the more amazing things we can create.

So stay open, stay tuned in to the power of yourself.

  So much goodness is in this masterclass. I really hope you enjoy it.


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