Hello and welcome to another Masterclass.  In this masterclass, I am joined by this month’s Featured Expert the amazing Ayse Caglayan is the founder of Surge Social

Surge Social, a social media agency based in London, that specializes in working with beauty, health and wellness businesses.

In this masterclass, we dive into exactly what is required from your Instagram account to attract your ideal clients not only to become followers however converting them to paying clients.

Plus Ayse shares the number one reason that holds salon owners back from having an ENGAGED Instagram account and how to overcome this.

Ayse also shares some great tips to ensure you are engaging your audience with your personality and it’s not what you expect.

If you are wanting to create a more aesthetically pleasing brand on IG then you will want to listen to Ayse top 3 tips.

Then we dive into all things hashtags and there is more to this hashtag game then you think.

So much goodness in this masterclass.

Share your top takeaway in the comments.

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