This video of Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is a great reminder of the simple, disciplines we can do in order to allow success to flow more effortlessly in our lives.


Every morning, close your eyes and visualize the day exactly the way you want it to go. Feel the feelings you want to feel. Visualize your bigger goals and say your affirmations. One affirmation for every goal.

Put external images of your goals all around your house. Have pictures of your dreams on your fridge, your mirror – anywhere so you’ll see it every day.

Think positive. Any time you notice that you’re not feeling well, correct your thinking to be more positive. Have an attitude of gratitude all day long. If you get an inspiration to do something, ACT on it.

Have an attitude of gratitude all day long.

Have a fabulous week

Toni xoxo

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