A booming salon business is defined by a healthy work culture that includes everyone in its ambit—the owner, the team members, and clients. And that culture thrives on great relationships. A great salon culture goes a long way to deliver real value to your clients and can bring success in tangible and intangible ways.

How do you build an awesome salon culture?

So in this video, I share with you 5 Keys To Creating An Awesome Culture for your salon.

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Here are 5 essential keys to help you create an awesome salon culture.

Make a Bold Statement

Make a powerful statement that will establish who you are in the community. Dare to go beyond the mundane to come up with innovative concepts—it can set you apart from your professional competitors.

Have a Vision

Maintain and support your bold statement with a detailed vision. It will help you visualize and define the future you’re going to create every day in your salon business.

Have Values

Your values will be your core beliefs that underline your salon management strategy and drive your decision-making. It will address you, your employee, and your client. Values—creativity, integrity, teamwork, respect, communication, learning, etc—give clarity and direction to your routine salon communication and transaction with your employees as well as clients.

Have a Purpose

This is the overarching rationale of your salon business; the what, why, and how of it. It will generate the momentum to reach your business goals, whether it’s great client service, enhanced returns, or brand building. Your purpose translates into promises—to your team, to yourself and to your clients. A purpose that will allow your clients and team members to feel valued.

Have the WOW factor

Give the Wow factor to your client—the WOW factor they get from the great attitude and culture delivered by your team, from the services they render to them that make their day worthwhile.

Facilitate a great culture in your salon, which is followed by you and your team, and let its benefits flow to your customers. This is one of the fundamentals of building a successful salon.

Enjoy building a salon culture to be proud of.

Toni xx


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