Toni Cunningham

5 Tips To Increase Your Rebooking Rates + Cheatsheet

Rebooking is the easiest, most cost effective & FASTEST way to FILL your appointment calendar. Rebooking is the easiest way to increase your revenue with the clients that you already have. Although many hair stylist or beauty therapists feel uncomfortable or pushy encouraging their clients to rebook, this is vital to the success of your […]

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  This month, I am sharing tips to help you take your life and salon to the next level. I hope you have an AMAZING September and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which tip you’d like to try! START A REGULAR CLIENT NEWSLETTER A monthly newsletter is a great way to […]

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10 Things To Remember On Your Journey As A Salon Owner

There maybe many reasons why you decided to own your own salon. Maybe it was the allure of setting your own hours, or the opportunity to do business the way it should be done. However for all of us, there is one unarguable reason: the chance to finally put energy into building our dream instead of […]

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