As a salon owner sometimes there never seems like there is enough hours in the day. Try these 6 helpful tips to feel more in control of your day!

Respect Your Time 

If you act like you respect your time, you will train people around you to do the same.


Don’t overload yourself with to – dos this is when overwhelm can set in. Finish a task before moving on to the next.

Get Clear

As you begin working on a project take the time to clarify for yourself and map out the logical steps/actions that need to be taken.

Declare a War on Distractions

Start creating a list of all your distraction triggers, then work your way through the list addressing each one.

Don’t Spread Yourself To Thin

Know what you need to do yourself and what tasks you can delegate.

Step into your CEO Stilettos

Schedule regular strategy meetings. Its absolutely fine if it is just you to start with.

Toni x

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