Productivity is a tug of war and staying focused seems like a finicky art we’re all still trying to master. 

You know what you have to finish in a day, so why is it SO HARD to get it done? 

My guess — If productivity is lacking, you need to rework your current workflow habits to find a new groove to move your salon forward and stay out of overwhelm. 

Today I’m breaking down my “work smarter, not harder” tips that keep me focused and productive while growing my business. 

Let’s dive in.


If you start to feel your productivity lacking, look at how you schedule your day. 

Your workday requires structure and organisation, whether you’re working on the floor, team training or from your home office. You might be inclined to time block your hours, setting aside two hours for marketing, followed up by an hour for email inbox maintenance, followed by an hour for accounts.

Time blocking can be a fantastic strategy, however, before you start assigning hours in a time-based structure, identify your Big Three. 

The Big Three is a concept widely used by many high-performance coaches, entrepreneurs and successful business owners.  Using the BIG THREE is going to ensure your hours are filled with the biggest needle movers for the business for that day.

Your Big Three are the tasks that, when you cross them off your list, will have a direct impact on your profits and overall growth.

Makes sense right?


The concept of the Big Three sounds great, but you still might fall victim to the inevitable distractions around you.

Nine times out of ten if you were to ask any salon owner what stopped them from achieving their BIG THREE today DISTRACTIONS would be the number one reason.

From chatty coworkers, chatty clients to a nagging email inbox, team members requiring attention and those super enticing apps vying for our attention on our phones, they’re just a few of the distractions you’re facing during your day… HOWEVER, we can tackle all of them SETTING BOUNDARIES.

When you’re in your most productive, creative, and focused state make a rule to CREATE before you CONSUME.

Be intentional with your time — You are here to create big, important things, not to be scrolling your Facebook/Instagram feed and being weighed down by comparison fatigue.

Before I do anything every morning I CREATE my Big Three. If you think this sounds great in theory but aren’t sure how to actually stick to it, you can set yourself time limits for your consumption on your phone, etc. Turn off notifications and have a set time to check them and reply.

Maybe your distractions are more in the form of other people demanding your time on their schedule… Those notifications on your phone and the constant ding of your email inbox can quickly pull you away from your work and all of the sudden, that flow state you were in? Gone.  Again you can choose to turn off those notifications and check them at the scheduled time you set.

I am deeply passionate about setting boundaries and NOT making myself available 24/7. 


Your email inbox is not your to-do list. You’ve probably heard this before, and yet it’s still easy to pop open that inbox first thing in the a.m. and attempt to achieve the elusive Inbox Zero… But this is one time-suck that I want you to put an end to, so you can focus on the more important tasks in your business.

As a rule, I open my email inbox twice a day to take care of important responses. 

Once in the morning and again about an hour before I leave the office both times I have only allocated 30 minutes.

I have set 3 rules when opening my inbox 

To only open emails that I am waiting for a response on first.

Answer any emails from my team.

Send any emails that I am requiring answers to.

Then if I have a few spare minutes I will then delete, unsubscribe or respond to any other emails.

Setup autoresponders with answers to the most commonly asked questions that land in your inbox, (you can also do this for some Social Media Platforms).

Finally, just remember you don’t need to be reachable all the time and if deleting the email app from your phone is too scary, notifications are easy to turn off. If you’re frequently pulled back to your email when you hear the tell-tale ding, TURN IT OFF!

My hope and goal for you is that you now have the tools to work on your own routine and find a productive workflow so your time is used efficiently and you’re proud of what you have accomplished at the end of the day.

It can be a real tug of war, and some days you might be on the losing side, dragging yourself through the mud to cross off just one thing on your list… However, when you create a strong structure in place, like identifying your Big Three, minimising distractions and controlling your inbox you’ll find that productive stride in no time.

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