I am super excited to bring you this weeks video.

One of the most important lessons I have learned on my journey as a salon owner and a mentor for salon owners and being the founder of Successful Salons Club and in life is mindset – developing the right mindset is super important when you want to build a successful life and a successful salon.

One of the key fundamentals of setting up your successful life and successful salon is to develop daily habits.

Today I am going to share with you the daily habits that I have used for a number of years that have helped me to be high vibe daily and to ensure my mindset is the best it can possibly be on a daily basis.


Meditation/ visualization normally this is a guided meditation every day my mediation is different depending on my mindset and if I am feeling I’m needing a little something. There are loads of free apps that you can try.

If you have never mediated or visualized before it can feel a bit uncomfortable or a bit strange however stick with and I challenge you do try and do a mediation every day for 30 days. 🙂


The second thing I do is set my intentions for the day what is that I am going today that requires my attention and what is an action that I must to today to move my business forward.


Choose an affirmation that I m going to use for the day and this will again depend on where I am requiring a bit more reassurance in my life. Once I pick my affirmation I say it, I feel it and I believe and there are times throughout the day where I will check in and say the affirmation again aloud.


Find 30 minutes a day  to exercise this could be anything from a nice gentle walk, a run or even a boxing class, I go swimming once a week with a couple of friends for about an hour and on a Sunday we go for a hill walk or some stairs then we have go for a coffee it’s a nice little reward.

Find something that works for you some days I like to pop my earphones in and go for a nice walk sometimes I listen to music always makes me happy and then other says I may listen to an audiobook.

It took me a while to find what worked for me so I really encourage you to try new things and don’t give up – and whatever you do make the time it’s great YOU time.


Do you if find yourself saying things like if only I had more time I would be happy, or if only I had more money If I had more time, or if only had better team members or if only I had more clients.

One of the universal laws is to learn to be happy and grateful for what you have right now.

However, this does not mean you don’t want more or to have more, however, being grateful for what you have now created a positive mindset and creates the space for everything you are grateful for to expand.


Every night I have a journal that I write 3 things I am grateful for a great guideline to start with is the situation a situation you are grateful for a person you are grateful for and something about yourself you are grateful for.

Toni xx


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