This month, we are sharing their tips to help you take your life and salon to the next level. We hope you have an amazing October and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which tip you’d like to try!

Ask for testimonials and online reviews

Testimonials and online reviews are a great way to help attract new clients. You can use testimonials on all promotional material, social media and of course your website.

Stop Apologising 

Stop apologizing! So often I hear people begin a request with “I’m sorry, but…” or “I hate to ask, but…”. I think it is time we agreed to let the “sorry” part go unless you’ve actually made an error and really need to apologize for a mistake. Make your request. Ask your question. Do so without apologizing and you’ll come from a much greater position of authority and respect in any situation! Give it a go…

Start to plan your Christmas marketing

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to maximize your salons turnover and profit. Embrace the opportunity and make the time to plan your Christmas marketing. Be proactive and you will reap the benefits. ( Don’t forget to include January into your Christmas marketing)


Your smartphone is your friend. Start by shooting a short video to introduce yourself and your team. Then you can move on to short videos How-To, quick tutorials, a new service/treatment, interview a happy client. Then you can upload to your website and social media sites.

Take action and stick to it!

Do you often find yourself faffing about, waiting and struggling for a bit of clarity before you take action in your salon? Clarity comes from experience, practice, and action. Only when we start doing stuff does it start to feel a little clearer – either we love it and are great at it or hate it and we can stop and change direction. So take small, consistent action in your salon and you’ll gain clarity along the way. Just have faith that you’re on the right path, and keep moving forward.

Have a fab October

Toni xoxo

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