This month we thought we would focus on tips to help you take your life and business to the next level. We hope you have an truly amazing April. Don’t forget to let us know which tip you tried.

Write your salons game plan

 So many of us end up drifting through our days, we don’t have a game plan for our salon for how are we going to achieve our goals. Spend some time focusing on what you want to achieve in the next quarter. It’s a great idea to then work backwards and plan how you’re going to achieve your goals. What actions do you need to do weekly in order to make it happen? This may seem like a time consuming task, however it is worth doing it. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Do something special

 We are heading into the second quarter of the year and we don’t need an excuse to do something special. Now is he time to do something special for your team, clients, yourself or all of the above. Whether it is giving each team member a card with nice words or a wee gift or sending out a card to your top 50 clients.

Think of something that you could do that would make people feel special.

Create your own Mastermind Group

Reach out to 4- 6 like minded people who would like to meet up once a month for the rest of 2018 – it could be dinner, lunch, virtually or just to meet up and spend a few hours talking about what you have been doing, any challenges you have faced or are facing, what you need more help or even if you need help or advice. The aim is that you all support and help each other to achieve more. It is a fantastic way to implement new goals, brainstorm ideas and learn new ways. The other great feature of being part of a mastermind group is that you feel more accountable for achieving your goals and doing what you said you would do.

Listen to a song every day that put you in the “zone”

Music is a powerful tool! Think about when you have been doing a task and all of a sudden a song comes on that evokes all these great feelings, makes you feel AMAZING and you feel like anything is possible. Automatically your posture changes and you want to break out into a dance. Well it’s that song that makes you feel like that – the one song that gets you in the “zone” and all fired up. Make time to listen to it at least once a day.

Contact lapsed clients

Phone clients that have not been back for 3 months or longer. This is an opportunity – don’t miss it. This may feel awkward to start with however the more you do it the easier it gets. Phone with the intention of showing genuine interest in them and have an irresistible offer that they cant refuse. This is a win win, you have another opportunity to make a positive impression, fill up your calendar and your client gets to have a service that makes them feel good.



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