Your calendar is empty. Some people might LOVE all that blank space, meaning it’s more free time. However, being a salon owner, I’m guessing an empty calendar makes you feel the opposite. No bookings, no money… Alllll the stress.

I’m walking you through the 5 main strategies I used to fill my calendar and taught hundreds of salon owners. By doing this I could rest easy knowing that I had hit both goals. These 5 tips could not only help you boost your bookings but can also guide you in creating a marketing plan. Stop stressing about when your next paycheck or how much you can pay yourself.

Let’s dive into the 5 strategies.


Have you ever noticed if something is limited or restricted from you, it becomes strangely appealing? Queens birthday deals, limited amount available, even the last cookie in the cookie jar. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this in some area of your life — the idea of wanting something you can’t have. The thing is, people, perceive something that’s limited as unique, valuable and more desirable. This concept is called scarcity and it’s something if used correctly and authentically, can easily increase your bookings. The rule of scarcity is defined as limiting the supply or offering of something that is in high demand. This mismatch of shortage vs. desire causes people to take action and we want to use this to our advantage in our business.

So what does it look like to have scarcity as a service provider? Only taking on a certain amount of clients, only selling a certain amount, announcing that offer ends on a particular date.

Why does this strategy work so well? A few reasons: People like to think they got something that not everyone else can easily have. This can give people a feeling of power and gives extra value to the item or service as well. Another reason it works is that by limiting the supply, it gives the feeling that the item or service is very popular and adds social proof which is very powerful when people are making purchasing decisions.

How can you put this strategy into action? Have a deadline. When people know your offer is not going to be available forever it creates urgency and forces them to make a quick decision. You can also limit the offering (limited number available only available until.. etc.). This creates the urgency because if they don’t grab it now, it may not be available later because someone else will take their spot or you become sold out. Another strategy is creating an offer that will not be coming back. This makes it your clients only chance to purchase this from you. FOMO is a real thing and sometimes the pain of missing out is super powerful that people will do whatever they can to ensure they take you up on your offer. This is not about tricking your clients. You have an awesome product or service to sell and we are simply encouraging people who are interested in having this particular service/product who haven’t said yes yet to take action.

Simply making a product or service scarce is not going to automatically fill your calendar. You want your potential clients to be excited to hear your offer and to do this you need to build up to it. You can do this by starting to hint at your offering well before you release it. For example: Create a waiting list where people who sign up will be the first to know that it’s coming so that when it’s available for purchase or booking, they are ready and waiting and will take action quickly before you are fully booked.

And finally, boldly share your offer with your clients. Be proud of it. 


Serve your clients so well, they can’t stop talking about you and recommending you. Show up every day for your clients, going above and beyond, You want them to feel loved and cared for beyond the services you are offering them.

People will notice this extra effort and will talk about it to their friends and family and then guess who they will call when they are in need of your services?

Be unexpected: Surprise your clients even with just thoughtfulness whether that’s a “thinking of you email” or a follow-up email/SMS after their appointment to check in on them. This step doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful and intentional. The element of surprise makes things memorable and these are the kinds of things people will share about with others.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes: Try to imagine yourself as your client and think about what things you would enjoy or would make the process of working with you easier. What are they worried about? What are they wondering? What does their Google search bar look like when they are looking into your services or products? 

Ask your current clients these questions and then take action on their responses by incorporating their needs into your future services. I love collecting feedback from my clients and then use that to improve the client experience I offer! Getting that insight is an easy way to show your clients you care about their experience and feedback while gaining information to help you WOW your next clients even more.


Referrals most often come through word of mouth recommendations of your current client base. Ideally, as the salon owner, your goal is to increase your referral clients. However, it is super important to keep your current clients happy. While this may seem obvious without doing it a referral system would be worthless if you can’t keep your current clients happy. When they’re happy, they’re more likely to refer you and your salon to their friends and family. In addition to making and keeping your current clients happy, actually getting referrals from them is going to take some strategic thinking and serious effort.

The effort required to get referrals from your clients will be well worth it in the end. The monetary impact of a good referral program can literally change the fortune of a struggling salon. Follow these 3 tips when looking to implement a successful referral program.

Spend Some Time Researching Your Database

Everyone has their favorite clients. Right? The clients who are always on time, always polite and smiley, communicate clearly about what they want, pays on time and you look forward to seeing…if only you had MORE of them! Right?

Identify the clients you want to take part in this promotion, write down their names, and start planning!

Talk To Your Clients

Now you have identified the clients you would like to use as ambassadors for your salon, It’s time to have a nice friendly chat with them and tell them all about your exciting proposal.

            Measure and Keep Track

            Ensure you set up a system to measure how well the program is working and to keep track of vouchers coming in, as well as vouchers to be sent out or popped on to your client’s account.

From creating scarcity to generating referrals and creating an ultimate client experience I hope you’re able to take some of these strategies to help boost your bookings and incorporate them into your own businesses so that you can confidently and boldly share what you’re offering.

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